Secondhand Bikes

These second hand bikes are now available at World Distributors, located across from TCD. Please contact our Service Department @ 295-2329 Ext 7 for any inquiries or just stop by to see the bikes for yourself.


Honda SH 125cc

 Mileage:  43061 km

Price:  $2,950




Cygnus X 125cc

 Mileage:  New speedo unit

Price:  $2,200




Zoomer 115cc

 Mileage:  1820 km

Price:  $2,500





Yamaha Grand Filano

 Mileage:  12,789 km 

Price:  $2,100




Yamaha Soul GT 125

 Mileage:  20,148 km 

Price:  $1,600





SYM HD2 125

 Mileage:  10,184 km 

Price:  $1,800




 Please contact our Service Department

for future updates on available second-hand bikes.

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