History of World Distributors


  • Conway Trott began business in Bermuda over 50 years ago with Veloland, renting the Velo Solex moped to tourists visiting the island.
  • After meeting a Yamaha salesman on a visiting sailing yacht at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Mr. Trott was introduced to Yamaha in Japan.
  • In 1960 World Distributors Ltd. was incorporated and began importing models such as A-7, AS-1, V90 and V80.
  • Trott was a true entrepreneur and was also the creator of Bermuda Tire & Retreading, which became the premier tire supplier of the Good Year brand.
  • After his passing in the early 1970’s, his son Toby led the two companies for the next three decades. Bermuda Tire & Retreading went out of business in 1995 but World Distributors Ltd. remained strong until the company was sold to Eugene Bothello and Michael Araujo in 2002.
  • World Distributors Ltd. has had continued success under the new owners. Since moving into our newly constructed facility in 2007, Bermuda Tire Co. Ltd. has been resurrected and is quickly becoming Bermuda’s number one tire supply center.


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