Yamaha Fino AT 115cc New

The Fino AT 115 has a relatively low seat height, making it popular among smaller riders, as well as an air-cooled 115 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke SOHC engine.

Little has changed about the Fino AT 115 since its introduction with the exception of color choices, making this a classic bike.

Fino AT 115 CVT engine
CVT engine

The CVT engine, which is characteristically tenacious at low to medium speeds, has been outfitted with new component parts. The drive source has been revised and set in the optimal positioning contributing to the increased reliability.

Fino AT 115 disk brake
Disk brake

To produce a superior braking feeling with a rigidity, a brake caliper is used on the support brackets.

Fino AT 115 ignition
Key shutter

An anti-theft device is installed in the main key switch along with a key shutter

Fino AT 115 headlight

The round and curved surface is used actively. The headlight and accompanying newly designed indicator are set in a face design that has never been seen before.


pdf Technical Specifications

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