Vmoto VT100L



The Vmoto VT100L is a great electric scooter with great performance and smooth riding.  It is the equivalent of a 125cc bike and has the following features:


--- 4000W engine, capable of 70 km/h
--- lithium battery - 2 to 3 hour charging time

Vmoto Cux



The Vmoto Cux is a great looking and comfortable scooter.  It is the equivalent of a 50cc bike and has the following features:


--- Bosch 1300W engine, capable of 45 km/h
--- Intelligent light-sensing technology
--- lithium battery pack - 7 to 8 hour charging time
--- smart burglar alarm
--- front/rear disc brakes, with EBS assistant system
--- front wheel size 90/80-17
--- back wheel size 110/70-17




The Niu NGT is a fashionable electric scooter with easy handling and a smooth ride.  It is the equivalent of a 50cc bike and has the following features:


--- dynamic color dashboard display
--- user friendly controls
--- USB charging port
--- iconic front halo light 
--- one piece wrap-around tail light 
--- CBS braking system 
--- 2 lithium batteries - 170km estimated range

Vmoto Super Soco TS


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The Vmoto Super Soco TS is a stylish, battery operated bike and is super comfortable to ride.  It is the equivalent of a 50cc bike and has the following features:


--- Bosch 1200W engine, capable of 45 km/h
--- Comfortable Saddles; Foldable Passenger Footrest; Adjustable Three Positions Pedal
--- Intelligent light-sensing technology
--- Integrated wrap-around LED tail light
--- CBS combined brake system 
--- front brake 280mm spray disc brake with dual piston floating calipers
--- rear brake 180mm spray disc brake with single piston floating calipers
--- 3 speed proportional power system
--- Waterproof wiring system

Ecooter E1R


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The Ecooter ER1 is a trendy new batter operated scooter, providing modern and efficient transportation, while protecting the environment.  This bike falls into the Motorcycle class, here in Bermuda, and has the following features:


--- Efficient LED lighting system
--- Intelligent Integrated LED tail light system
--- Extra large under-seat storage
--- Easy to use Smart Key operation
--- Integrated USB port
--- 2.4 kWh extra strong portable lithium battery 
--- 6 hours for full battery charge
--- approximately 80km distance on fully charged battery
--- Powerful and ultra-compact E1 engine
--- Carbon fiber composite drive belt

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