Yamalube Products

2 stroke

Yamalube 2S Two Stroke Oil

Performance Two Stroke Oil A technologically advanced semi-synthetic base stock and additive system provides all-season performance and greatly reduces visible smoke.

Low Deposits Special synthetic additives significantly reduce carbon and varnish deposit buildup. That means longer engine life and greater performance over time.

All-Weather Performance 2S provides exceptional lubrication in all temperatures. A special additive maintains flow and prevents “gelling” in sub-freezing conditions, making it especially effective in snowmobiles.

1 Gallon Bottles


Yamalube® Performance All Purpose 20W-50Motor oil for Land Products (JASO MA)

Performance blended engine oil using high quality mineral base stocks for use in motorcycles, ATVs, Side x Sides, and scooters. Providing stable clutch performance and film strength to protect your engine from the wear and tear of daily use.

Yamaha set out to blend factory-approved engine oils with mineral base stocks that were everything but conventional. Excellent protection and technologically superior additives make this oil exceptional. Yamalube All Purpose oils are available in the precise multigrade viscosity the factory recommends for your four stroke Yamaha. Each Yamalube All Purpose formula meets or exceeds all factory recommendations for use in Yamaha engines.



LUBEZALL an aerosol synthetic grease fortified with PTFE. This is a high-quality cable and multi-purpose lubricant that protects metals from the environment and is not affected by vehicle washing.

11 oz. Can

chain lube

On-Road Chain Lube

Yamalube On-Road Chain Lube is a special blend of an oil-based "White Graphite" that works great to protect the chain from rust, corrosion, dirt, and grime. Designed for use with conventional or o-ring chains.

brake fluid

Brake Fluid DOT 3 & 4

This high-quality hydraulic brake fluid meets DOT 3 and 4 specifications and is the only brake fluid currently recommended for use in Yamaha products. Do not mix with DOT 5 brake fluid.

parts cleanar

Yamaha Brake and Contact Cleaner

Use this product to quickly clean brake dust from critical brake components and quickly clean parts leaving them residue free.

*Please refer to your authorized Yamaha dealer for pricing.

sticker off

Yamaha Sticker-OFF!

This product removes tough residue, particularly residue left by sticker adhesives.

yamashield protectant

Yamaha Yamashield

Yamalube® Yamashield is a combination of solvents, lubricants and waxes designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication and protection. It loosens rusty and corroded parts and dries to a thin, waxy film that clings to metal.

fork oil

Yamaha Performance Fork Oils

For high-performance suspensions. These fork oils provide excellent viscosity and fluid movement and come in several viscosities for fine tuning the suspension.

battery tender

Yamaha Deltran Power Tender Plus

This waterproof battery charger is shock and vibration resistant, lightweight (less than 4 pounds), and compact. Designed for either portable operation or permanent mounting. Charges and maintains flooded and sealed batteries, including maintenance free, AGM, and lead acid batteries. The Float/ Maintenance function maintains batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects that can be caused by trickle chargers.

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