Vespa Sprint 125cc


Sporty, dynamic and elegant are characteristics that determine the Vespa Sprint 125 model. Design and technology have been carefully considered to emphasise the essence and spirit of Vespa. Design is in keeping with the classic Vespa, whilst technology is up to date.

The handlebar features a framed rectangular headlight finished in chrome and complemented by the rectangular shaped chrome mirrors and sporty gauges. The Vespa Sprint 125 is inspired by the iconic Seventies models.

Vespa S 125 close up dash Vespa S 125 close up trunk

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Vespa Sprint 50cc



The unique style of the Vespa Sprint 50 cleverly combines historical references and cues in a modern interpretation of the most youthful and sporty spirit of the Vespa. The minimalist styling of the Vespa Sprint 50 2 stroke traces its origins back to legendary models of the 1970s, such as the 50 Special.

Advanced technology and retrostyling are the trademarks of the Vespa Sprint 50 2 stroke. Keeping with Vespa tradition, the sheet steel body is a load-bearing element. In addition to superior strength, this design also ensures exceptional rigidity, translating to excellent road holding and precision control.

The 50cc, two-stroke engine is quick and responsive.


Vespa S-50 front view Vespa S-50 dash Vespa S-50 footrest

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Vespa Primavera 50cc


From the same pedigree as the first Vespa prototype built by Piaggio in 1946, the Vespa LX 50 4V is more than 60 years in the making. Witness the evolution of style, comfort, and performance with the core values of Vespa that never change: steel monocoque chassis, passion, individualism and integrity.

Timelessly elegant design and a compact steel body come together to create a nimble Vespa that stands out in congested urban traffic.

With a legendary style, Vespa has always been in constant technological evolution. With the introduction of electronic fuel injection, the robust and reliable 4-stroke, 4-valve, air-cooled engine powering the Vespa LX 50 4V offers proverbial fuel efficiency and low running costs, gaining even better performances both in power and torque that are now available at lower engine speeds.

Vespa LX 50 Red dash Vespa LX 50 storage Vespa LX 50 closeup dash

Vespa LX 50 blue dash Vespa LX 50 back wheel


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Vespa Primavera 125cc



The popular Primavera 125 is widely acknowledged as the bike of choice for the sophisticated urban commuter. The Primavera 125 features a 3-valve engine significantly improving fuel economy and performance while reducing emissions and extending service periods. Combined with new styling features, the Primavera 125 continues to boast superb style and efficiency.

Vespa LX 125 front Vespa LX 125 front wheel

Vespa LX 125 handlebar Vespa LX 125 storage

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Vespa GTS 125 Super



Advanced technology blends effortlessly with classic Vespa styling and the responsive handling of the Vespa GTS 125 Super will amaze you whether from a standing start or zipping through busy streets.

The steel body, with the horizontal grille on the right side of the chassis give this model a sporty look whilst offering enhanced stability and control.

The limits of this model are endless; it’s completely at home in and around the city, but equally feels just as comfortable on out of town pursuits due to its electronically injected engine and comfortable saddle.

Vespa GTS 125 Super Red closeup    Vespa GTS 125 Super Red closeup3

Vespa GTS 125 Super White closeup front wheel    Vespa GTS 125 Super White closeup trunk


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